Learn How to Scale With A Proven Marketing Strategy That Helped Our Client Profit An Extra 2021% ROI In One Month
Let's chat and find out if our proven process can help scale your business.
Learn How to Scale With A Proven Marketing Strategy and Profit an Extra 2021% ROI This Month
Let's chat and find out if our secret sauce can be successful for your business.
A Few Of The Online Businesses We've Helped...
What Makes Us Different?
Smart Targeting
Most businesses leave it up to chance when targeting cold audiences. They tell you constantly that they need to do more and more testing. We have a different approach. Instead of focusing on directing ads to a completely unaware audience, we have a secret sauce that lets us find a hungry crowd for your business to target ads towards. It's a proven process that's been developed over 5 years of running ads. Even if they don't know your brand, we know they'll convert.
Cracking the Code to Scaling
It's a competitive world in the realm of Facebook; there's no mistaking that. So how do we help you scale? Well, first of all we don't scale with just your budget. In fact, that should never be the only factor to play into scaling. We have a system in place that lets you put in $1 and simply turn it to $3 - $5 (300%-500% ROAS). We promise you it's something you've never heard of before. On top of that, we make it simple for you and keep you in the loop on where every dollar is going. 
Understand Your Customers On a Whole New Level
We pride ourselves as the best in understanding your customers fully (their desires, pain, fears.etc). Your ads will never ever be the same again.
In just 1 week ...
we had 15 new patients!"
- Dr. Sung Cheng Lin 
Founder of Aquavital Physical Therapy
About Unstoppable Business
Formerly known as 8 Ave Media, Unstoppable Business (UB) focuses on personally creating scalable and profitable strategies by consulting clients who provide courses, info products, coaching as well as physical products. They also help online businesses do heavy lifting by running Facebook ads. Last year, 8 Ave Media managed ad spends of $1.5 million for clients and generated a record-smashing ROI of 2,021%. 

Today, the UB Team have coached over 2,100+ students online in online marketing and building internet companies. In addition, they have personally consulted multiple 7 & 8-figure experts including TED & SXSW speakers.
Behind the Scenes
Brian Li and Henry Chen founded 8 Ave Media 7 years ago and decided to form Unstoppable Business in 2019 to serve more businesses. Brian and Henry believe in one thing, which is to find the truth in business, no fluff or BS; only proven and field tested strategies that brings profitable results. 
"When we had our first clients ever, they thought we were robots and could work 24/7 and do everything for them (including handling their accounting). It was very hectic and confusing. It's important to know we're not robots, we're humans just like you, but we care about our clients and are always finding solutions for the impossible. In 2018, we spent over $50,000 on marketing conferences and education to get the most cutting edge strategies available. Our team is simply not disposable."
- Brian and Henry
Henry Chen (on the left) and Brian Li (on the right) attending Traffic and Conversion Summit 2018
Brian shooting a video for clickfunnels at Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Nashville
Henry recording a shoot for new digital marketing material to be released to Unstoppable Business's Inner Circle
"The best decision you can make is to reach out and talk to Unstoppable Business asap!

Andrew Cameron
Founder of Wala Investments & Co-Founder of ASADRA - "The Future of Fashion"
Let's chat and find out if our proven process can help scale your business.
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