Ad Template #1 (Cold Audience)
[State their problem they are having in a question] 
Example: Tried every marketing course, hired an agency, listened to the 'gurus' and still not making profit?

[Offer solution to their problem]
Exam ple: Well... it's not your fault... because everyone is REGURGITATING and RECYCLING information! Only the companies at the top know what it takes to build a lean, profitable business. In fact, it's a secret that only Inc.5000 companies know. However, today, I'm sharing that to you for absolutely free...!

[Create a Call to Action]
Example: In this short free training, we reveal to you the secret to starting and scaling a business. However, this free training will only be available until January 20, 2018. Click here to watch now before it's too late

[Attention Grab - address their pain points]
Example: Inc.5000 Companies One Secret to Scaling

Ad Template #2 (Warm Audience - Retargeting)
One of the best ways to retarget audience that have viewed your products already is with DPA ads (Dynamic Product Ads) - see example on left.

Text: Can be very simple because they already seen your ads, so they are familiar. You just need to nudge them.

[Just state benefits in one or two sentences]

Important Note: Features are different from Benefits
Sounds like a no-brainer, but we've seen big companies make this mistake all the time. Double check and make sure the benefits also relate to the research you've done on your customer.
Ad Template #3 (Hot Audience - Your Customers)
Please Note: You do not want to be running ads to your own customers UNLESS you have more than 1000 that are happily satisfied after using your product/service. 

These are your loyal customers that do not need an introduction to what you do/sell, so it's quite easy. When you have a new product/service out, you can direct that to them because it's something they have not yet bought. We call these ad campaigns (bought y but not x).

With that being said, here's how you can re-sell to your current customers with Facebook Ads.


[State the benefits of your product/service in 2 sentences following with a CTA.]

Just the product name is good enough

Call to Action:
Shop Now
IMAGES for Cold Awareness Targeting
**As a rule of thumb - think about what a normal Facebook user would post. The key here is to be an Advertisement disguised as a personal post.**
1. Go Personal - Have a person in the photo. People images get more engagement than product images. The best photo is a picture of the founder or the founder with the product.
2. Grab Attention - Show the founder in the solution stage of the customer journey. What pain points does the customer have and what would they experience when getting the solution to the pain?
3. Not Overdone - Don't use HD photos or overlays of any sort. Normal Facebook users wouldn't do that. Also, avoid anything that looks staged or posed with the founder.
How to Create Engaging Videos for A Completely Cold Audience
Rules Of Thumb
3-6 minutes long 
- High quality audio
- Compelling content + B-roll (Interruptions of people talking)
- No Outro
Eye-catching opener 
Hook people in with your most captivating content. For instance, begin with stunning shots of your products against vivid backgrounds.
Put your “hero” front and center. If you have a celebrity or beloved mascot, show this immediately.

Example: Green smoothie girl dancing with her blender 

Video Outline
1. Eye Catching Opener - Funny/Outrageous/Credible
2. Compelling Story of Founder
3. Unique Selling Point of Products
4. Product Demo
5. Testimonial

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