Three Simple Tips to Maximize Your Google Adwords Campaign
Tip #1: Weekly Regular Maintenace
Do regular changes to:
Changing bids - bid lower for not working - keep bidding lower. bid higher for working - keep bidding higher 
- Set Bid for each keyword:
- Brand Campaign Ad group > Keywords
> Keyword > Max CPC
Adding new keywords 
- Testing Ad Copy
Tip #2: Bid Adjustments Once Every 7 Days
-Should be doing Bid Adjustments once every 7 days
-Bid up on things that are converting, bid down on things that are not converting
-Theres a limit to increasing bids. For search impression share, if you are at 100%, theres no use to increase bids cause you arent gonna reach anyone else.
Tip #3: Turn off Quality Score under 7
Any quality score UNDER a 7 - you may want to turn off. You are paying a lot for these keywords

**If you have a higher quality score, you can pay less to outrank other advertisers**

Quality Score
an automated opinion of how Google "thinks" you'll perform 
- rewards you by lowering your cost for bid.
- Modify columns to see quality score

Max CPC x Quality Score = Ad Rank
Quality Score consists of:
- Historical Account Performance (Google starts your Account off with a 6/10. You have to build trust with Google)
- Keyword Relevance
- Feed Relevance (For Google Shopping Ads)
- Click-Through Rate or Expected CTR - (You can improve this with ad copy or relevance to audience)
- Landing Page Relevance
- Ad Relevancy
- User Experience

Other Factors:
- Page load time
- Geographic performance - Google keeps a record of how your ads perform in a certain state/country
- Historical Domain Performance - Google keeps track of your domain's quality score so it doesn't matter if you open new ad accounts
Funnel Strategy with Adwords
Top 4 Remarketing Campaigns

1. Standard remarketing
2. Dynamic remarketing
3. Monthly specials
4. Upsell offers

1. Audience-based - Bid more if someone is typing in the search term im going after (Typing in your keywords or in your retargeting list)
2. Position-based - Tell google "Hey I want to always show up on position #1 so adjust my bid accordingly"
3. Device - Bid up or down depending on the type of device people are using
4. Dayparting - Bid depending on time of day
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